Cell biology of the neuron: Polarity, plasticity and regeneration

7–10 May 2019 | Heraklion, Greece

About the Workshop

A forum is provided to present the most recent findings in the field of neuronal development, neuronal plasticity and neuronal regeneration emphasizing the intracellular mechanisms and cell biological aspects within these processes. The Workshop will focus on the underlying cell biology principle within different neurobiological processes ranging from the establishment of neuronal polarity to changes in dendritic spine morphology. An emerging theme in neurobiology is that distinct morphological changes that occur at different stages during neuronal development share underlying cell biological principles. To reveal these similarities, it is therefore important to discuss the intracellular mechanisms of different stages within a single workshop series. This will allow the scientists involved to exchange their results within a specific neurobiological context to extract common regulatory principles. 22 talks will be chosen from the submitted abstracts.

Specifically, the workshop series will focus on the following questions:

  • Neuronal polarity: How is the distinction between axon and dendrites achieved? What are the intracellular mechanisms regulating neuronal polarity?
  • Axon growth and guidance: How do growth cones enable axon growth? What are the intracellular mechanisms that enable these structures to extend and turn an axon?
  • Dendrites: Which intracellular mechanisms regulate the complex dendritic morphology necessary for efficient and specific computation of neurons? How is dendritic branching controlled?
  • Synaptogenesis: What are the intracellular mechanisms regulating the formation of synapses? How are these mechanisms regulated by neuronal activity?
  • Transport: How is transport of intracellular cargo regulated in neurons?
  • Neuronal Plasticity: What are the cell biological mechanisms that regulate synapses maintenance and modulation? How is spine formation controlled?
  • Regeneration: How can axon regeneration be achieved by manipulating intracellular mechanisms of the neurons?
  • Degeneration: What are the intracellular processes that drive neuronal degeneration?
  • Stem cells: Which processes regulate stem cell differentiation and their neuronal development?
  • Glia cells: How do glia cells regulate function during neuronal circuitry formation and maintenance?
  • Metabolism: How does the metabolism of neurons regulate neuronal development and function?
  • Novel methods: What are current technological developments that advance the cell biology of the neurons?      

We look forward to welcoming you to Heraklion!
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